China’s ‘exceptional’ public diplomacy

China’s ‘Exceptional’ Public Diplomacy

15 November 2021

12:00-13:00 BST / 19:00-20:00 CST (find your local time here)

This research seminar discusses how China’s is presenting its image to the outside world. Using the framework of exceptionalism, Ben Ho will explain how China’s international narrative of it being a benign power that is peace-loving and non-hegemonic forms part of its claim to be “different” from other historical and contemporary powers where the development of an Empire has brought violence, suppression and exploitation. By focusing on key speeches made by President Xi Jinping in his first two years in office, Ho will present three themes that the Xi administration has sought to communicate to the world. These are: first, the promotion of the Chinese Dream and the image of China as a flourishing civilization; second, an image of a progressive China willing to undertake reforms; and third, China as a moral example for worthy of global emulation. Ultimately though, Ho’s argument is that China still lacks the communications clout to challenge predominant Western narratives that continue to perceive China’s rise as a threat to their hegemonic status quo.

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