The China Global Development Knowledge Network (CGDKN) is a platform for researchers and government policy actors to work together to respond to new joint opportunities in a challenging time.

CGDKN provides high quality research and briefings generated by the network and its partners; a directory of research programmes and institutions involved in key global development themes, as well as relevant funding calls and grants and job opportunities; and news, blogs and details of forthcoming events and activities.

CGDKN was established by the UK Anchor Institution for the China International Development Research Network, led by IDS and the IDS Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development, in partnership with the China International Development Research Network (CIDRN) and funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). CGDKN is the mobilisation of existing networks through a ‘network-of-networks’ approach. CGDKN is currently run by the IDS China Centre.

Any views and opinions expressed on CGDKN do not necessarily reflect those of FCDO, the UK government, IDS, or any other contributing organisation.



CGDKN由中英国际发展研究合作网络运营,由英国国际发展研究院 (IDS) 和新兴国家与全球发展研究中心牵头, 与中国国际发展研究网络(CIDRN)合作,并由英国外交、联邦与发展办公室(FCDO)资助。


在中国与全球发展知识网络 (CGDKN)上发表的任何观点和意见不一定反映英国外交、联邦与发展办公室英国政府英国国际发展研究院或其他任何相关组织的观点和意见。