Asian American women making a difference in higher education

Asian American women making a difference in higher education

US-China Education Trust, Monday 6 December 2021

15:30–17:00 GMT; 23:30-01:00 CST; or find your local time here.

It is a striking phenomenon that the unparalleled presence and attainment of Asian women in higher education today has not been translated into their visibility in academic leadership roles. According to the American Council on Education, Asian women represent only 2.6 percent of all college and university presidents in the United States. Without a doubt, subtle and overt racism and sexism have combined to give rise to the notable underrepresentation of Asian American women in higher education leadership positions, including falling far behind White females in such positions. To shed light on this under-representation and to recognize the achievements of trailblazing Asian women in higher education, the US-China Education Trust has brought together three extraordinary current and former Asian American women university presidents to tell their stories of what led them to pursue their distinguished careers and what factors they feel were important to their success. Faced with a sharp rise in anti-Asian discrimination and violence across the country, this panel will raise the voice and visibility of Asian American women leaders in higher education to also address ways universities, colleges, and all of us can make our institutions and society more inclusive and safe for the Asian American community.

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