Creating sustainability impact from research

Creating sustainability impact from research

Nottingham Trent University, Monday 13 December 2021

14:00-15:30 GMT; 22:00-22:30 CST; or find your local time here

The session will explore the benefits of collaborations between researchers and businesses and the essential role this relationship plays in progressing towards a more sustainable, and more productive, future. The session will begin with an introduction from the University’s Research Impact Manager on how research can make a positive impact on business, society, the economy, and the environment. Professor Anton Ianakiev and Professor Peter Williams will then provide examples of successful collaborative projects they have led alongside industry partners that, together, have contributed to a realising a greener world. Finally, Professor Emily Burton will highlight current activity taking place within NTU’s ‘Sustainable Futures’ Research Theme, as well as potential areas for new projects and partnerships.

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