Call for papers: China in the Global South

Call for papers for the open access journal Humanities & Social Sciences Communications, on the topic China in the Global South.

Over the last decade, China has become ever more active in exporting capital to other developing countries. Sectors that Chinese companies invest in range from mining and infrastructure to manufacturing. These investments cover all continents. China’s initiation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and its participation in the BRICS bank will give extra financial boost to outward investment of Chinese companies. Journalistic and policy discussion about the impact of China’s outward investment on the prospect of development in the global South abounds. While some hail China’s capital export as creator of a new context of development, others see it as not much different from old colonial exploitation of less developed countries. Academic research on this topic is still lacking and uneven. This thematic collection aims to bring together pioneering research on the local impacts of Chinese investment in different parts of the developing world. It will foster comprehensive and comparative perspectives on whether Chinese outward investment is creating a new context of development in the developing world or not.

Full details can be found here.

This is a rolling collection and as such submissions/proposals will be welcomed at any point up until December 2021. Authors who are interested in submitting a paper should send a short abstract-length summary to [email protected] outlining the scope of their proposed paper.

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