Governance and Good Governance: A New Framework for Political Analysis

In a time of great change, accelerating globalization and increasing uncertainty, all countries, whether developed or developing, are searching for a newform of governance that is better adapted to the times so as to gain an advantage in economic competitiveness and create substantial and sustainable social growth. As governance theory is becoming the dominant political theory in response to the change, the values backing the discourse and texts consistent with them have helped revise the theory of government in mainstream politics and were agreed upon by global politicians, scholars, officials and entrepreneurs. When we comprehend governance theory based on the practice of public administration in China, it strikes us how theoretically and practically important governance theory is for rebuilding the intellectual system of China’s democratic politics, searching for an institutional platform for good governance, transforming the public policy-making model and getting rid of the practice in public administration in the process of market-oriented development that is inefficient, or even fails in many ways.

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Keping, Y. (2018) 'Governance and Good Governance: A New Framework for Political Analysis', Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences 11: 1 -8

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